2015: Week 5

I’m late documenting so week five, (mostly) in pictures…

Monday: Busy start as usual with dance followed by swimming. It was a beautiful day—in the 60s—so when we got home from swimming, the kiddos hopped on their bikes before even going inside.

Biker Laine Biker Blaise Bike Watcher Saige

Tuesday: Standard school morning and then a play date after at home with Joaquin. Saige and I stopped at the Dollar Tree while the big kiddos were at school and picked up some Valentine’s Day craft materials for an afternoon of crafting. I’m so happy to have discovered the Dollar Tree; super cheap craft materials (and household items).

Dollar Tree Finds

Wednesday: Lazy morning playing at home. The kiddos packed every toy in their room on Laine’s bed and flew to South Dakota. Alec and Beck came over in the afternoon to play. After they left, the kiddos crafted.

All Packed Crafty Kiddos

Thursday: Standard school morning for the big kiddos; Saige and I ran. The kiddos decorated the window for Valentine’s Day.

Runner Saige Runner Saige
Window Decorations

Friday: Zoo! We met Erin and Joaquin for a day of fun at the zoo. The kiddos enjoy the zoo for everything except the animals. We found a rope web to climb. Laine almost made it to the top; Blaise went to town. They were tired and wanted on the stroller… probably not recommended use.

Zoo Web Climbers Triple Stroller

Saturday: Brian and I had Lisa come over to watch the kiddos so we could go on a morning hike up Poo Poo Point. What a beautiful hike. We made it up above the fog, how cool. It was nice to be kid-free for a few hours. A rarity these days.

Foggy Hike Foggy Hike

Sunday: I took Laine on a date to see Cinderella at the StoryBook Theater. And of course, she wanted pancakes after so we stopped in Redmond for a mom/daughter lunch. It only took her 20 minutes to eat two strips of bacon, which may be her fastest time yet!

Cinderella Laine

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