Coal Creek Falls

The kiddos love a good hike, as do I. And we live in the perfect area to take advantage of hiking. It’s nice to get them outside to run off the massive amounts of energy they have. And for me, being outside in the fresh air clears my mind. Our latest hike—and first in 2015—was Coal Creek Falls on Cougar Mountain. We met up with my friend and her 1.5-year-old guy, and her sister and five-year-old nephew joined us.

Before starting, Laine—who is used to wearing her waterproof school clothes—rolled in mud. I’m really not sure what was going through her mind but she did. In jeans. Blaise was wound up with the excitement of not just the hike but another boy around his age joining us. Saige was her normal happy self, just wanting to be part of the club. And it was her first ever hike.

We headed up the trail and made our way to Coal Creek Falls. We made it to the falls, had a snack, and then turned around to go back. Such a beautiful hike. And super kiddo-friendly (even stroller-friendly; I can’t wait to use our Deuter carrier again). It’s definitely added to our hiking favorites.

Coal Creek Falls Trailhead Coal Creek Falls Stump Kiddos Coal Creek Falls Snack Time


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