2015: Week 6

Shocker, I’m late updating. Again. Here we go…

I thought a scale would be a great addition to our learning toys. And thanks to Amazon, it was here in two days. I really don’t know how life would be without Amazon (aside from not spending as much). I think the reviews for the scale are better than the actual scale (it’s a bit flimsy) but the kiddos are enjoying the sucker. They’ve weighed all sorts of things; here trying to make each side even with LEGOs.

Scale Kiddos

Brian is typically the morning chef around here and always makes restaurant quality dishes (on my days, Eggos are the norm). The kiddos love to help so he has worked with them to teach them how to make their own scrambled eggs. From cracking the eggs, mixing them, pouring them into the pan, and cooking them, the kiddos are on their way to Top Chef. All Brian does is turn on the stove. Blaise also helped with dinner that night, too. He can make killer rice. Laine and Saige were the sous chefs for the day.

Chef Blaise Sous Chefs Chef Blaise

The rest of the week is a bit of a blur, so I’m relying on pictures to fill in the blanks. Here they were making a castle by taking all the toys and surrounding the couch. It kept them busy for the entire afternoon (and me busy that night putting everything away).

Castle Kiddos

Saige and I often run errands before picking the big kiddos up from school. She used to just sleep through everything but now wakes the minute the car stops. I try to keep her in her car seat so long as she’s happy, if not I’ll toss her in the Bjorn… which I left in the van this day. So she sat in the cart like a big kid. She still can’t quite sit up yet but did well with a blanket propped up behind her.

Shopper Saige

One of the errands Saige and I did was hit the Dollar Tree (I’m obsessed) and bought a few boxes of crayons to make heart-shaped crayons for the kiddos’ school Valentine’s. I like having the kiddos help do their own projects so they helped peal off all the crayon wrappers, break them into pieces, and put them in the pan to melt in the oven. Saige supervised. They turned out really nice!

Heart Crayons Heart Crayons Supervisor Saige
Heart Crayons Heart Crayons

After we made all the crayons, the kiddos traced a few hearts, wrote their names, and I scanned them to make a little coloring sheet to put in a bag as their complete Valentine’s Day cards.

Blaise's Cards Laine's Cards

A few randoms from the week: Saige found her tongue, became more interested in toys now that her grabby hands go where she wants them to, and Blaise made a crafty train.

Saige Tongue  Saige Interest Blaise Train

The week ended with a paint fest on Sunday.


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