2015: Week 7

Catching up week by week. Week seven: Brian’s mom stayed with us for the week, the kiddos had their first Valentine’s Day party at school, we had our first hike of 2015 (and Saige’s first hike ever), Saige got a highchair, and Brian turned 37. It was a productive, eventful week. And now, in pictures:

Blaise made a fort by collecting several toys and marking off an area that was all his.

Fort Blaise

Laine likes to play baseball (using a rocket shooter as a bat). She’s pretty dang good at hitting the ball almost every time.

Baseball Laine

Just another mess from doing art. Fun for them, fun for me to pick up after they pick up. I’m not sure our vacuum has even been used so much.

Art Mess

We made a trip to IKEA on Wednesday to pick up a highchair for Saige. It’s too bad we didn’t keep the first one we had since we just bought the same one. I knew exactly what I wanted and had looked it up online prior so we walked in the exit, grabbed the highchair, and checked out. The checker guy said that was the quickest IKEA trip he’d ever seen, haha. Little did he know that after purchasing the highchair we went back in to the restaurant to grab lunch. The kiddos decided they wanted to try the drop-off kiddo area so after we ate, I signed them up. Saige, Jean, and I were just going to nose around for a bit while they played. Laine lasted a whole two minutes before I was paged to come back and get her. I figured as much. And that was fine. So us girls nosed while Blaise played. We picked him up and left for home. I love how a trip to IKEA can turn into an almost all-day outing, tiring the kiddos out along the way. I used to go there on rainy days when it was just Blaise and me, memories!

Thursday we went on a hike to Coal Creek Falls.

Coal Creek Falls Hike Coal Creek Falls Hike

Brian’s office moved (yet again) so we went on Saturday to check it out. It’s nice for the kiddos to have a reference where dad is all day. Although, we’re pretty sure they have no idea what he does. They probably think he rock climbs mostly now.

Brian's Work

After office #254 tour, we went to Dickey’s BBQ for Brian’s birthday lunch. The kiddos aren’t much for BBQ but love the free ice cream after. It was pretty quiet there, which was great since the kiddos decided it was a great time for a dance party.

Dickey's Dancers Dickey's Dancers

Brian and his mom left from Dickey’s to do a birthday errand while the kiddos and I went home to decorate for Brian’s birthday. We had gone to Snohomish on Friday to get Brian a birthday pie and then stopped at the Dollar Tree to get decorations (a whole $9 on everything, I’m so happy to have found the store). Before we partied, Brian and the kiddos put Saige’s new highchair together so she could be with us at the table. She is getting so big, so fast!

Party Kiddos Party Saige
Birthday Brian Birthday Pie

Just the three eating breakfast on Sunday morning. Saige so wants to eat, too. She just eyes their food.

Sunday Breakfast

Saige upgraded to 12-month clothing. Modeling one of her new ‘fits Sunday night.



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