Laine is eight! She’s almost eight-and-a-half. Things have been a bit busy around here. Looking back to July, we celebrated eight years of Lainey Bug!

Remlinger Farms. We spent her actual birthday at Remlinger Farms. The kiddos had a great time but I think Laine and Blaise are outgrowing the park. Laine has asked that we not go again on her birthday next year. I’m curious what she’ll want to do instead.

Cake! After Remlinger, we left for home. Brian grabbed the cake on his way home from work that Laine ordered a few days before. I’m always amazed at what she picks out… there is no way I would have ever selected this cake for her, but she was happy and it was tasty.

Presents! She scored an iPod and wireless headphones for her birthday. We had a happy eight-year-old.

Pool party! One of the benefits of having a summer birthday, pool party! Laine was super excited to have a pool party… and even more excited it was at the mayor’s house, haha. Small town living. Our swim teacher is also the town mayor. We’re super thankful she allowed us to use her pool to celebrate Laine. It was a fun party and I’d say all the kiddos had a great time. And it was perfect weather, score!

The swimmers!

Until nine. Maybe another swim party?!

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