Back in February during the snowstorm, I booked several trips for the year. It was also before I was pregnant and I was feeling ambitious about traveling with four young kiddos. Astoria was one of the trips.

A friend travels often in their RV, staying at several KOAs across the country. She had recommended Leavenworth KOA, which we stayed at last December and had a fabulous time. And she also suggested Astoria. So we went. It was alright.

It was super busy. People everywhere. While it’s great to see families vacationing and spending time together, I am not a fan of crowds.Damn summertime. The cabin itself was nice… I enjoyed the accommodations and the small outdoor space with a deck and fire pit. Our neighbors joined us—staying in the cabin behind ours—along with one of Laine’s friends and her family in another cabin. I’m okay with these additional people, haha.

It was a quick trip, Sunday until Tuesday. We arrived Sunday afternoon and settled into our cabin. After a trip to the indoor pool, we mostly stayed around our cabin for dinner and an evening fire.

We spent Monday-day down in Cannon Beach. I’m a creature of habit… we randomly selected Cannon Beach to visit back in 2012 for our 10 year anniversary. Ever since, we’ve gone back to the same hotel and beach. And since it is only about 20 miles from Astoria, we made the drive down. It’s a great beach and it reminds me of Pismo Beach… the beach we used to hit up when we lived in SLO and where we were married.

Monday night we stayed close to the cabin, eating dinner outside and wrapping up the night with a fire. It was a great day. We left for home Tuesday morning after a bit of play around the KOA. It was a fun trip and I’m glad we checked it off the list… next time we’ll just go back to the same hotel we always go to in Cannon Beach though.

Around the KOA. It is nice how they have activities for kiddos.

Monday morning breakfast in Seaside before hitting the beach.

Cannon Beach!

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