Summer Twenty Nineteen

Summer is long over. It’s December. Christmas was yesterday. At first I was busy juggling four kiddos while pregnant; now I’m busy juggling five kiddos and everything school, activities, birthdays, holidays… it never ends. Keeping up on this sucker took a back burner. But I’m back at it, I think. And thankfully there are pictures… pictures spark memories as to what the hell we did months ago. Here goes.

It was a great summer, no complaints. But it was summer, my absolute least favorite season… long and hot sunny days, no set routine, people everywhere out and about—all things I’m not fond of. And my plan to have a simple, relaxing summer didn’t pan out. We were beyond busy, almost overexerted some days. All my own doing of course. Brian says if there is an open day on the calendar, I find a way to fill it up. Sometimes too much. I’ve always been extremely organized and schedule oriented, but it’s almost becoming a problem. Oh, hey, a free hour on Tuesday, let’s climb a mountain. Or something like that.

First, summer highlights:


This was one of those, hey we have a free week on the calendar, let’s fill it up… so we went to California. Back in February when I planned trips for this year—and before I was pregnant—I decided against going to California this summer. I wanted a low-key summer, focused on home days. But then the kiddos started asking about going. And there’s something nostalgic about my childhood summer memories, swimming all day, every day during summer… I want them to have those memories also. And, family. It’s important the kiddos get time with everyone since we are pretty much the only ones who live outside of California.

It was a great trip. We spent most of the week swimming and hanging with family. It was nice for me because I was able to literally just sit. I wasn’t at home to check things off my never-ending list of random crap to do.

I made a separate post about our time down there, with pictures galore.

My favorite picture from our time down there, Blaise flying in the air after being thrown from Uncle Kelly’s shoulders in the pool. The kiddos with Papa, Wawa, Aunt Genna, Aunt Courtney, Uncle Kelly, and Uncle Kerry. And the kiddos with cousins, Olivia and Owen, after an afternoon of swimming.

Laine’s Birthday

Laine is eight! We spent her actual birthday celebrating at Remlinger Farms followed by cake and presents at home. The Saturday after she had a swim party, so much fun! One of the benefits of having a summer birthday.

Another separate post about celebrating Lainey Bug.

Celebrating on her actual birthday… she picked out the most random cake at Costco. She always surprises me with what she likes. And her swim party!


It was a quick trip to Astoria, two nights. We stayed at the Astoria KOA and spent time at Cannon Beach. A separate post here!

June Twenty Nineteen

June was over six months ago. Let’s see how my post-pregnancy, mom of five kiddos brain works, haha.

The Phantom Tollbooth

Apparently we went to a play. I remember going and that we went with friends, but I can’t remember anything about the play. I guess it was that good. Tradition states we have to get cupcakes at Pinka Bella after every play we see at SecondStory Repertory. So we did.

Zoo Field Trip

Blaise and Laine’s school up the street had a field trip to the Woodland Park Zoo. I’m not a fan of the the kiddos riding on school buses. When I was in kindergarten, the sixth graders went on a day trip to Great America. The bus driver crashed, causing one kiddo to die in the accident. And while I realize bus accidents aren’t the norm, I’m not a fan of random people driving my kiddos around. I’m certain there are fabulous, passionate bus drivers out there but that’s probably not the norm. It’s not exactly a highly-paid, sought after job. So I drive the kiddos to field trips.

Saige, Baby, their friend, Alaina, and I zoo’d after dropping off Blaise and Laine with their class. Alaina’s big siblings were on the field trip also. I brought her along to hang out with us to give her mom some much needed kid-free time. We had a great time. Nothing like zooing with three kiddos under five, while pregnant and not feeling well, on field trip day. The zoo was packed. Kids everywhere. We managed to see it all and even back-track a bit to see things a second time. It was a success. We grabbed Blaise and Laine at the end of the day and made our way back home.

Last Day of Preschool

Saigers completed another year of preschool. She is such a ham. She’s in her final year now, along with Baby who is in her first year there.

Last Day of Friday Outdoor School

Saige and Baby completed a year of outdoor school on Fridays. They were sad for it to come to an end, knowing they wouldn’t be back in fall. It was a great program and I’m glad they were able to get a year in there.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

Baby was all about The Secret Life of Pets so when the second one came out, we had to go see the movie. We met some friends and enjoyed the show (despite the look on Baby’s face, haha).

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Musicals are my favorite. I love seeing any and all musicals. So we went to see The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. It was a great production. I’m behind on seeing musicals for this season, need to fix that in 2020.

Sammy Sam!

Sammy passed away in late May. We sure miss the little old man! His ashes are with the other critters, on top of the kitchen cabinets. That’s where my parents kept all of the ashes of our dead animals growing up so it seems fitting to keep ours up there also.

Lake Marcel

Our friends live on the lake so we hit up the beach on one of the early hot summer days. Good times!

I love how the little ones are using Laine as a bench.

Last Day of Second Grade!

Blaise and Laine completed another school year. On to third grade…

Pictures from the first day of school. When you see them everyday it’s hard to see the difference nine months makes!

Trail Walk

This was my last trail walk until I had the baby. I wanted to walk more but just never felt up for it.


Part of my season subscription included tickets to Wicked. It was really good! I was worried I wouldn’t have any clue about the musical since I know nothing about Alice in Wonderland, except it’s the Wizard of Oz. Figured I’d leave that to show my compete ignorance about old movies. Lucky for me, I was able to follow the plot without knowing anything going into the musical.

Field Day

The big kiddos’ school up the street has an end of year field day at Tolt MacDonald. So we went.

Dance Recital

Another dance recital on the books. Blaise and Laine finished their second year of hip hop with a fun performance.

Their awkward dance photos. Blaise’s face, haha!

Little Kiddo Walk

Blaise and Laine were at their friends’ house so Brian and I took Saige and Baby on a walk. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we only had two kiddos. Probably boring but likely easier. Not that I would ever trade in any kiddos!

Million Dollar Quartet

Another musical checked off the list. It was really great and even better that there was no intermission.

Chicken Walkers

Laine went to her buddy’s house for the morning. They have a few chickens, one whom they walk on a leash. Cute!

Sports Camp

Blaise and Laine had expressed interest in soccer. I don’t do kiddo sports that require practices and games. Especially not in the rain. Call me a Native Californian. To scratch their itch, I signed them up for a summer sports camp that introduced them to soccer, baseball, and basketball. They LOVED the camp! They want to go again next summer but thankfully don’t have any interest in actually playing the sports in a league. Bonus for them, their buddies were in the camp also.


My friend bought some property and quickly filled it up with some chickens and goats. Super adorable! Baby took to the one fluffy chicken, and wouldn’t leave the poor thing alone. The chicken didn’t seem to mind though.

Her property is amazing! She runs an outdoor preschool there so it is kiddo-friendly. 


Just a kiddo eating a fruit kabob and a face pancake made by Blaise.

Rock Climbers

Brian got into rock climbing, and started taking Blaise and Laine. They’re all members to the indoor climbing gym and have all the associated gear. We also have a few hangboards around the house.

June, check.

July Twenty Nineteen

July was almost six months ago. Here goes pictures…

More Climbing

The kiddos have really taken to climbing.


Sherman was back over summer. I was wondering if he’d make an appearance again. He seemed to remember me. Cute little guy!

LEGO Summer Camp #1

Blaise attended his first LEGO summer camp in July. He is always down for anything LEGOs. Proud mom brag, he was one of the few kiddos actually cleaning up at the end of camp.

Pump It Up Party

One of the kiddos’ friends turned eight and had a birthday party at Pump It Up. It’s always a fun time there!


Moosie and Snugs, hanging out in our bedroom/bathroom.

Fourth of July

In keeping with tradition, Brian took the kiddos to all the Carnation Fourth of July festivities. I went to the parade, begrudgingly. I’m a Fourth of July Scrooge. It’s one holiday I would happily do without.


We went to California for a week. Good times!


Just Baby, sitting on some toys.

Successful Summer Home Day

This is the one day over the summer I was on. Summer was rough, being pregnant and not feeling great. But this day was great. We stayed home, avoided technology babysitters, and enjoyed a beautiful day. The kiddos played outside, played inside, and we watched some ’80s music videos. Saige really wanted hair like C.C. DeVille from Poison. I did my best. I’m terrible with girl hair.


Laine turned eight and had a pool party. All about her birthday here.

Blueberry Picking

It’s tradition to go blueberry picking every July. And since I’m a creature of habit, we go to the same place every year. It’s so beautiful, right underneath Mt. Si. This year we went while Saige and Baby were at a summer camp so it was just Blaise and Laine. Laine’s buddy and her sister joined us.

Three Forks Natural Area

We stopped by Three Forks Natural Area after picking blueberries. What a beautiful spot, along the river there. Most places are beautiful up here. We live in an amazing area.

Outdoor Summer Camp

Saige and Baby went to one week of outdoor school summer camp. They had a blast!


Saige just being Saige. She’s a hoot.

Tumbling Camp

Laine was determined to get her back handspring down before meet season. The gym she goes to offered weekly tumbling classes over the summer. Saige killed time upstairs with me taking selfies on my phone.

Space Needle

Brian’s mom was in town and wanted to take the kiddos up to the Space Needle. It had been a few years since Blaise and Laine had been, and Saige and Baby had never been. It was extremely busy and a great reminder as to why I avoid public places over the summer.

LEGO Summer Camp #2

Blaise attended a second week-long LEGO summer camp. Saige and Baby helped me pick him up each day. Laine was usually at a friend’s house.

July, check.

August Twenty Nineteen

More of a blur, August in pictures…

Lake Tye

It was hot. I remember that. And it was busy. That whole public places being busy during summer thing. We stayed a few hours and then left for home, not before stopping at McDonald’s for milkshakes first.


We turned on the front hose and it started leaking. Not cool. The hose bib cracked in the wall and leaked water all down the wall and along the floor, even into the hallway on the other side of the wall. Darn, they had to rip up some of the wood floor to dry out the subfloor. And an even bigger darn, they don’t make our wood floor anymore so we had to have it entirely replaced. Not that I ever want to deal with a leak again but I am so thrilled we were able to get new floors… I never liked our old wood flooring and basically cursed it every time I looked at the ugly thing. It was a process into September but everything is fixed and we have fabulous new floors!


Another summer, another few weeks of swim lessons. Blaise and Laine first, followed by Saige and Baby. And a bunny on the lawn.

Wilmot Gateway Park

It was hot, again. Laine had gymnastics this day so we met up with some friends at Wilmot Gateway Park before Laine’s practice. And more bunnies.


Blaise is all about making lemonade and/or orange juice from squeezing fresh fruit. So I bought him a bag of lemons.


We met up with some friends to see the new Dora movie. It was surprisingly cute.

Cool Kid

Just Blaise trying on sunglasses at Target. It’s like the ’80s all over again.

Lainey Bug!

I happened to have just Laine while Lisa was home with the other kiddos. We met up with Brian for a Laine-only dinner. It’s always nice to have individual kiddo time.

Home Day

Another summer home day. A rarity, all the kiddos playing well together without argument.

Blackberry Pickers

Another annual tradition, blackberry picking in our old ‘hood with our old neighbors.


At the end of August we went to Astoria. A nice way to end summer. All about the trip here.

Chess Kiddos (Kind Of)

Blaise and Laine have really taken to playing chess. So Saige and Baby play chess also. Except they don’t actually play chess. It’s entertaining to see them play whatever game they make up.

Ninja Baby

Saige and Baby started a weekly Ninja class at the gymnastics place.

Blaise Date

Blaise and I went on a date to see the Spiderman movie.

Friend Time

Blaise and Laine have buddies who are siblings, close in age like them. We trade off kiddos regularly… it was our turn to host. We had homemade Belgian Waffles for dinner and made cookies after.

Summer, check.

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